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Online Lessons - On-Demand

Want your swing and game analyzed by Coach Randy? You can’t get to the panhandle of Florida and see me face to face? Well now you can. I can now assist you through my online coaching program.

This program came to fruition due to requests from remote students who cannot get to me for individualized instruction.  The program was also created for current students, both local and remote, so I could continue to monitor their progress from afar. It is also a way for current local students to receive follow-up between visits.

The idea was to provide a service that would be in-depth in content; and one’s progress could be monitored closely with ease of use. I wanted to offer and provide a service that improvement and success of the student could not only be assured but guaranteed. Through the years I have discovered that the only way to guarantee results is through regular contact and the online program can fill that need.

So for less than $1 per day you get the following:

• One video uploads and analysis per month using CoachNow application. Voiceover will be provided with the video to assure clarity of what is being requested from the student.

• As needed, additional videos, or links to videos, will be provided with in-depth content of drills or any other needed elements of the student’s swing or game. This is to assure that clarity is provided to the student.

• Turnaround time is typically within 72 hours. A rush request can be arranged for a nominal fee. This is for the student who may have a tournament or upcoming event and needs a quicker response.

• A list of training tools that will improve your; mobility, stability, golf swing, strength, and speed. The goal is to develop a healthy golfer and coordinated movement pattern for not only golf but also for a healthy lifestyle.

• Student will have unlimited access to me via text or email for any questions, review of practice sessions or play.

• Student’s, upon request, can schedule FaceTime lessons for either home, golf course or on range. FaceTime lesson can be in lieu of the video analysis (plus a small fee), or be an add-on for a nominal fee.

• Family bundle plans available. This is very important concept to remember as a parent. Kids progress at different rates both physically and mentally. So it is important, as a coach, to address each student at the pace and rate of their growth process. If not then development is hindered for a particular student.

• What is CoachNow training platform? The CoachNow training platform is one where student, after signing up, will be invited to join. The platform provides a way for the student and me to stay in contact and to assist them on their journey. The platform provides ease of uploading of videos, feedback and communication.

$25 per month - Less than $1 per day.  Family bundle rate available.

For more information or to Book Now, use the contact information below.