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Is Playing Golf an Infuriating Form of Relaxation and Fun?

Have you tried everything to improve your game? Are you ready to improve?

My coaching goal is to build long-term relationships with my students.  Why is that important to me?  By doing so, I can become more knowledgeable about you, your game, and your habits.  From there we are able to develop a rapport where our communication is relevant to you, your needs, and your game.  It's all about you.

Why is this important to you?  Because it works.

What’s In It for You?

3D Biomechanics Assessment

Learn the "How" and "What" to Practice Efficiently so Your Precious Time is not Squandered, Tranfers to Performance, and Improvement is Achieved.

Distance and Speed That You Felt Was Lost and Gone Forever, Are Rediscovered.

Know the "Why" of Your Swing and Ball Flight so You have a Foundation for Self-Evalusation and Correction.

Learn a Process to Perform on "Automatic", AKA "The Zone."

Reclaim or Develop Athleticism Through Improved Movement that will Benefit You On and Off the Golf Course.

Follow-up and Continued Support to Monitor Your Progress.

I can't wait to join you on your journey to better.

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Purestrike Coaching Programs

For the longest time, the model used for developing and improving golfers has been for players to take a golf lesson and then be sent off to practice on their own, which means they potentially fall back into bad habits and often are left wondering if they are practicing correctly. Can you imagine any other sport where the coach would meet with their players every once in a while and then send them off on their own to practice and expect to see skill and game improvement? This neither works well nor makes much sense.

When a student is with me I can motivate, encourage, hold accountable, monitor their progress, provide information, drills, and feedback to ensure that practice and performance are improved and optimized.  The problem is when a student is not with me. With my online coaching platform and programs a solution has been created.  

It's this simple. The more frequent I see or interact with a student, in-person or remote, the more they improve.

What scoring milestone are you trying to break? 100? 90? 80? Par?

Purestrike Coaching Program is the answer.

The program solves the golf improvement barriers of:

  • Students who cannot readily get to me for golf instruction.
  • Students practicing for weeks without feedback.
  • Students having no follow-up or feedback between visits.
  • Having the details of a golf lesson, which were clear at the start, fade with time.

Coaching program includes:

  • Video Swing Analysis. Face On and Down the Line analysis, using the free CoachNow application.
  • 3D Biomechanics Assessment. Where a video analysis is like an x-ray of your golf swing, our 3D Biomechanics Assessment is like an MRI of your golf swing. As I always say, "if you can measure it, you can fix it." The 3D Assessment can be done online or in-person and is offered in all our plans.
  • Communication via CoachNow. This is where all your game improvement information will be housed. Videos, drills, notes, images and PDF's from me. Videos, questions, notes, and stats from you. This is how we stay connected between Private Coaching sessions. Replies are normally within 48 hours.
  • Monthly Student Consultation. Communicating digitally on CoachNow is very effective, but sometimes it can be quite helpful just to chat. Each month we will have a 15-30 minute discussion on all things related to your development via a phone call, FaceTime or Zoom Meeting.
  • Private Coaching includes "In-person" and/or "Remote" coaching sessions. "Remote" sessions implement FaceTime, Zoom Meeting or similar technology. Sessions can be from home, range or golf course. Sessions run between 45-60 minutes.

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What is the CoachNow training platform?

The platform provides a way for the student and me to stay in contact and to assist them on their journey. Now your lessons, record swings, ask questions, get feedback - all in the palm of your hand. Can't make it to the range or golf course? No problem. Simply record your swing anytime, anywhere with the CoachNow app using your iPhone or iPad, send it to me, and I'll send you a detailed analysis.

1.) Apply to join the team (use the submission form below)

2.) Join the team 

3.) Pick a coaching plan

4.) A space will be created for you

5.) Start improving!


Randy Sparks has been an avid student of the golf swing for 20 plus years. The golf journey led Randy to where the everyday golfers that Randy saw on the lesson tee — and the questions they asked — inspired him to author, with Medicus Golf, the book “PureStrike: The 5 Simple Keys to Consistency”. The concepts and recommendations in PureStrike have been battle-tested and refined through Randy’s real-world teaching of golfers at all skill levels in Destin, both in one-on-one lessons and large group clinics.

Two of the many highlights were one, all the golf instructors he had the privilege to meet who attended coaching and teaching seminars he was part of here in Destin and in other parts of the country. Today, many are well-known in the golf teaching industry in the United States and overseas. The second highlight was all the junior golfers and parents he met and spoke in front of at AJGA Tournaments all across the country during a three-year period.



“Randy has a unique ability to provide instruction that relates your issue(s) to external cues. Other instruction I have received over the years seemed to be "Band-Aid" oriented and didn't last. Randy has given my golf game a foundation for self-evaluation and correction.”

- James Roark

“Great teacher. Has a great understanding of the game and can take you from where you are at to a higher level. Teaches all ages and all abilities. Has a great record of success with his students. If you have the desire he has the teaching.”

- Roger Hutchinson

“There is no one better to help you improve your game than Randy Sparks! His teaching methods make all things possible, even if you are over 70 years old. Don't miss a chance to work with him—it will be worth every penny!”

- Camilla Roark

“We were a recently retired couple seeking to improve our golf skills together when we discovered Purestrike Academy. Coach Sparks’ knowledge is incredible. He is patient and funny. We can laugh at times but still maintain a purposeful session. He can break down all elements of the game and uses language that is simple to understand. It is a game you can play, no matter your age. We’re definitely on a Purestrike Academy journey for life! Thanks Coach!”

- Stan & Sharon H.

“I have been working with Randy for over 6 months and he has strengthened my game considerably. He explains things in plain, easy to understand language and also demonstrates the techniques and tips so you can easily grasp the meaning and put them into practice. He is fair, offers reasonable rates, and he is easy to work with. I highly recommend him to all who want to get better and it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a scratch player!!!”

- Gerry Chalker

“Randy has a unique way of simplifying complex concepts through modern, athletic, movement focused teaching that has created dynamic improvements for me and my kids the last few years. In addition to knowing what he's talking about with the golf swing, Randy is an adept communicator and educator regardless of the student's age, where they're at in the development of their game, and whether he's remote or in person. We've thoroughly enjoyed working with Randy and give PureStrike our highest recommendation!”

- Ben Mahan

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Whether you're from Destin, Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, or from some other area, use the contact form to apply or for more information. 

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