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You Deserve a Better Game

Have you tried everything to improve your game?

Has golf become an infuriating form of exercise?

Are you ready to improve?

My coaching goal is to build long-term relationships with my students.  Why is that important to me?  By doing so, I can become more knowledgeable about you, your game, and your habits.  From there we are able to develop a rapport where our communication is relevant to you, your needs, and your game.  It's all about you.

Why is this important to you?  Because it works.

What’s In It for You?

Learn the “How” and “What” to Practice Efficiently So Your Precious Time is Not Squandered
Transfers to Performance and Improvement is achieved.

I encourage my students to implement two concepts for skill training so time is well spent and new and improved habits can be developed.  One is “Progressive Skill Training”.  The training is of the progression variety from the smallest of swings (chip) to the longest (driver).  The progression uses a ladder approach that has the player making longer swings as long as the intent of the shot is achieved.  When the first unintentional shot occurs then the player moves one progression down, and continues to do so, until their intent is achieved for that shot.  They then continue up the ladder.  In a short period of time, all aspects of the game can be practiced and trained. 

Golf Swing Instruction

The second concept is the “32 Skill Drill.”  This is where improved habit building and playing on “automatic,” or in “the zone,” begins to emerge.

Distance and Speed That You Felt Was Lost and Gone Forever, Are Rediscovered.

You will be provided with a speed and strength training protocol that took a college player, from 104.4mph average clubhead speed, to 115mph in three weeks. Player was gym strong but the strength and speed were not in the context of the sport of golf. Same program increased the distance of a 76-year-old student by +20 yards.

Know the “Why” of Your Swing and Ball Flight so You Have a Foundation for Self-Evaluation and Correction.

One of the many concepts I implement in my coaching is called “Feed the Mistake”.  “Feed the Mistake” is where I have a student exaggerate an inefficient golf swing, or movement, error as an effective way to promote motor learning, feel, and change.  Basically, I have a golfer, who is making a clubhead path, clubface or a movement error, resulting in golf ball direction and curvature errors, make the error even worse.  By doing so, the player can then begin to understand the “Why” of ball flight.  In most cases, the player then begins to subconsciously learn the feel of self-correction, both club and body, and a new golf swing pattern begins to emerge.

Learn a Process to Perform on “Automatic,” AKA “The Zone.”

You will be presented the Clear Key process that will assure you’re utilizing the automatic principle.  Simply stated, a player using a swing key cannot be on “Automatic,” or “In the Zone.” However, do not overlook the importance of having well-defined technique and habits for playing the game that is worthy of automatic.  Automatic is of no value if your technique or habits are not sound.  If you have poor habits and poor technique, you are likely to get poor results. Bottom-line, “Get some good ones!”

Group Instruction

Reclaim or Develop Athleticism Through Improved Movement that Will Benefit You On and Off the Golf Course.

Athleticism is the ability to move quickly and gracefully.  Some of the attributes of athleticism are strength, speed, power, agility, mobility, balance, coordination, change of direction and stability.  These desirable attributes are hopefully developed at a young age while participating in sport and other physical activities.  These attributes, as we age, are likewise important to maintain or reclaim.  One of the fears as we age, as an example, is physical harm due to a fall.  These attributes can assist us in avoiding and protecting us from such harm.

Follow-up and Continued Support to Monitor Your Progress

Develop a plan, execute the plan, continually evaluate the plan, and adjust the plan to ensure that improved performance is achieved.  No matter if you are local or out of our area, we can monitor your progress.  As a coach, it is my duty to hold you accountable, inspire and motivate you.

From basic principles to practical time-management practice tips, I'll provide you all the tools, not rules; you need to improve and succeed.  Plus, together, we can make learning fun!

I can't wait to join you on your journey to be better. 

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Can’t make it to Destin, Florida? Remote Coaching is available. No matter if you are a complete beginner or a pro, the plans are the key to lasting improvement.  

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