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Have you tried everything to improve your game?

You hit it great on the range but can’t take it to the golf course?

Hitting it poorly and losing confidence?

Are you ready to improve?

Are you committed to improving?

If so, then PureStrike Golf Academy has a prescription for what ails your game. My golf instruction approach involves building long-term relationships with my students. By doing so, we are able to get to know each other, and I can become more knowledgeable about you, your game, and your habits. Together, we are then able to develop a rapport where our communication is relevant to you, your needs, and your game. It's all about you.

Why is this important to you?

Because it works. Just like learning to play a piano, we can get past just playing chopsticks (just hit the ball) and develop your skill where you can play your favorite song (score on the golf course).

4 Keys to Continued Improvement & Lower Golf Scores

Junior Golfers

Guided Discovery

The value we bring as golf teachers includes the wisdom to guide our students and help them figure things out on their own. Also known as guided discovery, this form of retention teaching is almost as good as if the students had worked out strategies for themselves.

Long-Term Development

Golf and all athletic development have several different parts that must work together to develop the complete golfer or athlete. Skill training is cumulative, which means that short-term goals must not compromise long-term development. Think long-term.  

Progressive Skill Training

Progressive skill training is the development of golf skills gradually or in stages, proceeding step by step. For example, if you cannot control the 3 elements of the golf club (club shaft, club head, and club face) in a 3-foot motion, a chip shot, you cannot expect to do so with a driver that moves approximately 22 feet.

Monitor Your Progress

Develop a plan, execute the plan, continually evaluate the plan, and adjust the plan to ensure that improved performance is achieved. No matter if you are local or out of our area, we can monitor your progress. 

Golfer Aiming Ball


I care more.

Golf Coaching Services

Long-Term Coaching Plans to Lower Scores

Golf lessons, both one-off and packages, are not only a good fit for local golfers but also for our out of town guests. Any golf package purchased may be used for a short-term golf school or may be spread-out over time. Can’t make it to Destin, Florida? The plans may also be used for Online Lesson Plans. No matter if you are a complete beginner or a pro, the plans are the key to lasting improvement.

Scheduling your golf lesson or package with Purestrike Golf Academy is not the typical scenario of having a lesson, a handshake and see you next lesson. All golfers who sign up for any lesson type will have continued support. I encourage all my students to contact me at any time with any questions or advice they might need regarding their game. But it doesn't stop there. If my students need eyes on their swing I encourage them to either send me a video to analyze or we can do a FaceTime session while they are on the range or course. Relationships...what it’s all about. 

Individual Private Lessons

30 Minutes


1 - Hour


2 - Hours


5 - Hours


10 - Hours


Unlimited Lesson Plan and Online Video Analysis pricing, use contact form below.

Tip of the Month

The Single Golf Swing Cue That Can Improve Your Distance, Movement and Game...Forever!

An Introduction

In 2011, while writing the book "Purestrike - The 5 Simple Keys to Consistency", I happened to befriend Dr. Gabriele Wulf. Gaby, as she requests me to call her, is a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences at UNLV. Gaby studies factors that influence motor skill learning, including the performer's focus of attention and motivational variables (e.g., autonomy support, performance expectancies). Her research has resulted in ca. 200 journal articles and book chapters, as well as two books.

At that time Gaby and I exchanged projects we were both working one. She was working on the research paper "Increased Carry Distance and X-Factor Stretch in Golf Through an External Focus of Attention" and myself the aforementioned book. Before submitting both our work, her research paper to the Journal of Motor Learning and Development, we exchanged both documents to read.

From that point and to this day, Gaby and I exchange emails frequently and when I make my yearly visit to Las Vegas, we strive to connect. She has been a great influence on my coaching and hopefully the cues I have exchanged with her have assisted with her own game.

The below is from her work and what we shared with each other in that regard. I hope you enjoy and it assists you with your game improvement.

Cues & Analogies

The ability to strike a golf ball a required distance to play the golf course is dependent upon several factors. For many the distance, or carry distance, that amateur golfers strike the golf ball is such where they crave to hit the ball further or increase their carry distance.

In the golf instruction industry how a coach goes about instructing the student can be implemented in many different ways. But in many cases, the words and instruction given can many times go against that which is best for motor learning.

It is my belief that words have meaning and words matter. It is my belief and experience that as a coach, if we provide cues that are more in relationship to the target and/or the club, not only is motor learning enhanced more quickly but also the increase in retention is likewise enhanced.

So, is it possible that one single thought, swing cue or focus, can effectively and efficiently improve a golfer's ballstriking whereby their carry distance is improved? Would the cue and/or words provided to the student act as prescription rather than just a pill or quick fix? The answer is yes.

The Result

The difference can be seen in the video, around the 13 second, where you see a spike in the red line on the left side of this golfer. Note how the red line jumps up considerably compared to the golfer up to the 13 mark. With a particular cue and focus we see an improvement in golfers' movement pattern and their movement outcome. We see improved factors such as GRF (ground reaction forces), coordinated movement, kinematic sequence (swinging from the ground up) and ballstriking. This translated into increased clubhead speed with the movement outcome being greater carry distance of the golf ball.

How much carry distance improvement was achieved? Carry distance immediately improved by 15% but even more importantly the retention on the days that followed improved by 25% compared to other golfers of similar skill set.

Why Is the Retention Aspect Important?

How many times have you left the lesson tee hitting the ball better and feeling overall better about your game? Then, the next time you play or hit balls, it seems like that everything you thought you had accomplished, all those feel goods, had been for naught? This is why retention and the proper cueing for improved motor learning are so important. It is not only important for short-term but also long-term gain and improvement.


Words say what they say. Words have meaning. Words matter. The most important thing for me as a golf coach is learning how to provide simple cues, instruct, provide feedback and interact with you, the golfer, so you get the most out of your game. It's not about a bunch of training fluff. Its purpose, intent and execution repeated over and over again.

Swing Tip - The Cue

In the book I used the words of "pressing firmly down on your left foot". Gaby in her research paper used the cue of "push against the left side of the ground as you hit the ball."

What are the main differences between the two cues provided? The cue I wrote in the book would be considered an internal cue. In other words, the cue used included words that had to deal with the body. Studies have shown that a focus on an internal cue causes golfers to control the movement on a conscious level. When golfers do this it constrains the motor system and interfere with the golfer to control their movement in effective and efficient manner.

Gaby used what is called an external cue. An external cue is one where the movement and environment is focused upon. This promotes more automatic control, unconscious, fast and reflex control process. The end result is that the external cue improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the movement pattern.

What is significant was the difference of results as it pertains to retention of testing on day 3. In distance alone the external cue group had a carry distance increase of 27% over the internal cue group. Over the control group, who was given no instruction, the carry distance was 32% greater.


At this point is when my students usually ask for the details. Refrain from doing this because the cue will then switch from an external to internal or worse yet, no cue at all. Remember, words matter and words have meaning. Use the meaning of the cue "push against the left side of the ground as you hit the ball."

Now, head to the range or golf course and embrace the external cue concept. Implement the external cue and watch your ball fly better than you could ever imagine. Then let me know how you did. I would love to hear from you.

Good golfing everyone and have a great day!

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