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Have you tried everything to improve your game?

You hit it great on the range but can’t take it to the golf course?

Hitting it poorly and losing confidence?

Are you ready to improve?

Are you committed to improving?

If so, then PureStrike Golf Academy has a prescription for what ails your game. My golf instruction approach involves building long-term relationships with my students. By doing so we are able to get to know each other and I can become more knowledgeable about you, your game, and your habits. Together, we are then able to develop a rapport where our communication is relevant to you, your needs, and your game. It's all about you.

Why is this important to you?

Because it works. Just like learning to play a piano, we can get past just playing chopsticks (just hit the ball) and develop your skill where you can play your favorite song (score on the golf course).

4 Keys to Continued Improvement & Lower Golf Scores

Junior Golfers

Guided Discovery

The value we bring as golf teachers includes the wisdom to guide our students and help them figure things out on their own. Also known as guided discovery, this form of retention teaching is almost as good as if the students had worked out strategies for themselves.

Long-Term Development

Golf and all athletic development have several different parts that must work together to develop the complete golfer or athlete. Skill training is cumulative, which means that short-term goals must not compromise long-term development. Think long-term.  

Progressive Skill Training

Progressive skill training is the development of golf skills gradually or in stages, proceeding step by step. For example, if you cannot control the 3 elements of the golf club (club shaft, club head, and club face) in a 3-foot motion, a chip shot, you cannot expect to do so with a driver that moves approximately 22 feet.

Monitor Your Progress

Develop a plan, execute the plan, continually evaluate the plan, and adjust the plan to ensure that improved performance is achieved. No matter if you are local or out of our area, we can monitor your progress. 

Golfer Aiming Ball


I care more.

Golf Coaching Services

Long-Term Coaching Plans to Lower Scores

Our long-term coaching plans are not the typical scenario of having a golf lesson, a handshake and see you next lesson. All golfers who sign up for these long-term coaching plans will have continued support. You may contact me 24/7 with any questions you may have, advice you may need or for me to take a look at a video of your swing.

Long-term coaching plans are not only a good fit for local golfers but also for our out of town guests in the form of golf schools and more. The plans may also be used for online golf lessons for those who cannot make it to Destin, Florida. No matter if you are a complete beginner or a pro, teaching plans are the key to lasting improvement. 

Par Plan


$40.00 paid monthly

For the golfer who desires a set of eyes on.

30 Minutes per month for 12 months.

Birdie Plan


$70.00 paid monthly

For the golfer who is serious about improving their game.

1 Hour per Month for 12 Months.

Eagle Plan


$120.00 paid monthly

For the golfer who wants to discover how good they can get at golf.

2 Hours per Month for 12 Months.

Individual One-Off Lessons

30 Minutes


1 - Hour


2 - Hours


Tip of the Month

Move like Rory - Impress the golf ball

  • :26 - Pressure into right side of ground or right foot
  • :44 - Right knee straightening. Gait, the way we walk, is the foundation for all movement.
  • 1:17 - Top of backswing has the greatest amount of pressure into right side of ground but quickly transitions.
  • 1:40 - The pelvis, the launching pad, makes a very positive lateral shift left or towards the target.
  • 2:05 - Left knee more bend or flex than at address and almost on top of left foot.
  • 3:24 - Pressure into the ground left is coming more from above rather than gliding or sliding in.
  • 3:33 - Pressing and getting off the ground.
  • 3:51 - Rotating, opening facing the target
  • 3:57 - Strong balanced finish like a world champion gymnast sticking the landing.

Ben Hogan’s 5 Lessons

Over the years I cannot count the number of times that students have referenced Ben Hogan in the classic book “5 Lessons” regarding the hips. On page 90 it’s as if students read the first sentence of the second paragraph and stop there. The first sentence states, “The hips initiate the downswing”. Unfortunately I see students with a whole lot of hip spin out that can lead to an array of bad motion and club delivery to the golf ball.

The key to the Hogan text on page 90 is at the beginning of the third paragraph. “Turn your hips back to the left; there must be enough lateral motion forward to transfer the weight to the left foot.” In the book these words are in all caps. This is what we see Rory, and all great golfers, do in their downswing motion and while hitting the golf ball.

Coach's Challenge

To begin developing the downswing motion we are advocating in this video of Rory, begin practicing the following drill. Then blend the feel of that motion into your total motion.

Take your standard address with a golf club in hand. When placing, or soling, the club to the ground make sure you have a mark or tee there as a reference to ball location.

Bring your left foot (lead foot) back to your right foot (trail foot) making sure you do not move the golf club back with you.

Begin your backswing and as you do so simultaneously step forward with your left foot. Make sure you continue to a full backswing. You then swing forward to a full balanced finish. Two things to monitor are:
1.) Return the left (lead) foot to its original location that you had at address.
2.) You hit the ground at the precise location where the golf ball would have been located.

External Cue

As you swing use the cue, which drives motor movement, “push against the left side of the ground as you hit the ball.” You will impress the golf ball.

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Spring Training for Golf

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Whether you're from Destin, Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, or from some other area, get in touch about your next golf lesson. 

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